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Complex laboratory facility for research of hydrodynamic and thermal exchange phenomena

Installation is intended for the use in the Processes and Apparatuses laboratory course in universities and colleges while studying hydromechanical and thermal processes:


Installation is intended for the use in the Processes and Apparatuses laboratory course in universities and colleges while studying hydromechanical and thermal processes:

1. Research of hydrodynamic phenomena in a layer of granular material in filtering - fluidization range. Experimental determination of fluidization starting speed .

2. Hydrodynamic phenomenon of particles carry-over mode. Experimental definition of particles carry-over mode speed.

3. Research of heat emission phenomena in fluidized bed. Definition of optimum fluidization speed.

4. Research of heat-exchange apparatus operation between liquid-gas system in conditions of fluidized-bed. Experimental determination of heat transfer characteristic and its dependence on speed of fluidizing agent.

Facility Description

Installation consists of four cylindrical glass apparatuses with diameter equal to 150mm for Researches 1, 3, 4 and 100mm for Research 2, control panel and control equipment. The choice of a laboratory research is carried out by the switch of joystick type located on the control panel. Air is delivered in devices from the independent fan of high pressure. Its consumption is adjusted by smoothly stepped change of the engine gas blower rpm by means of frequency converter. Switching of air streams on devices is carried out by electrovalves Du-50 depending on the chosen research.

Measurement of air consumption is carried out by means of pressure difference on the DKS-50 aperture and the Zond 10-DD-1165differential pressure sensor. The secondary device is the TRM-200 microprocessor measuring instrument produced by NPF Oven-K Company. Pressure difference on a site of particles layer is also defined by means of the Zond 10-DD-1165 differential pressure sensor and measuring instrument TRM-200. Cyclone apparatus with d=100мм serves for separation of firm particles of layer in carry-over mode. Cyclone design has a cylindrical embedding made of transparent glass which is made for visualization of separation process.

Water consumption for Research 4 is determined by means of the ULTRAFLOW KAMSTRUP ultrasonic flow meter (Denmark) which transmits impulses on the SI 8pulse counter. Water temperature adjustment is carried out in accordance to PID control strategy by the TRM 101 IR measuring control device, controlled by means of BUST block by power triacs, included in chain of heating coil of a flowing water heater with total capacity of 18kW. Temperatures of water and air streams on input and output are measured by the TSM-50М type sensors, and secondary devices - TRM-200. For heat exchange between liquid and gas in the device with liquidized bed coiled heat exchanger made of measuring pipes with d=10mm and area of heat exchange equal to F=0,3m? is established.

Within the bounds of Research 4 the facility can be used as an adsorber of water vapor from air for determination of adsorber protective action with periodic regeneration and cooling of adsorber and installation of corresponding temperature and relative air humidity sensors. The facility has a local spherical heating element with capacity of 20 W for research of heat emission phenomena in liquidized bed (Research 3). Four temperatures on surfaces of sphere and three temperatures in the bed are measured by THK thermocouples. Secondary devices - TRM-200. Heater current and pressure are set by means of adjustable power unit with digital current and pressure indication. The facility is mounted on mobile metalware made of shaped tubes (30х30х2mm). Overall dimensions: 1800х800х2200mm.


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